Decayed World

Decayed World Album CoverDECAYED WORLD

Decayed World
Social Decapitation
Melody of a Dead World
The House of Twelve Brothers
Dark Black Crystallized Heart
Casual Suicide
Exit of Decrepit Souls

Released October 2013

All Lyrics composed by Louis R. Gratton
All music composed by Laurent Belisle with the exception of “Decayed World” and “Dark Black Crystallized Heart”, which are composed by Laurent Belisle and Rock Deziel.
Guest Vocal on “The House of Twelve Brothers” by Christ Therien
Album Art Design by Mikio Murakami @ Silent Q Designs
Album Design by Louis R. Gratton
Masterd by KP Trackwriterz Studio
Manifacture and duplicated by IndiePool
Recorded and Mixed by Louis R. Gratton
Produced by My Shadow and Louis R. Gratton

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